Training centre


·        The training centre’s listeners could be heads of organizations, managers, lecturers and students of state and private institutes of higher education, officials of ministries and departments, specialists, entrepreneurs and others.

·        The training centre is seeking after long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration with its listeners.

·        The guarantee for efficiency of the training centre’s activity is the training by means of up-to-date and interactive methods introducing innovation and news concerning the subject matter.



The training centre organizes training, retraining and qualification of experts in the fields of standardization, conformity assessment, uniformity of measurements and management systems by means of general and highly tailored training courses and seminars.

Qualification of experts is carried out according to the procedure accepted by the order of Minister of Economy.

The provisions of training programs are adequate to the principles of World Trade Organization (WTO), European Economic Community (EEC), World Health Organization (WHO) and Codex Alimentarius Commission of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

Management systems according to internationally recognized ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, ISO 22000, GMP, GLP, GHP and OHSAS 18001 are represented comprehensively.

* Duration of the training is 3-10 days.

* Cost depends on duration and stage of the training.

* Training is based on new technologies and is conducted using interactive methods.

* Forms of trainings are lectures, role playing, situation analyses, tests, tasks, practices, discussions, independent and individual works, self-appraisal models and etc.

* Listeners are given normative documents, schemes, tables, informative leaflets summarizing the subject matter.

* Knowledge of the listeners is evaluated at the end of the training by means of discussions, tasks, role playing and tests. Listeners who have passed the evaluation phase get the certificates with 3 years of expiration date.


Training centre organizes round tables, seminars, discussions and meetings


·        The training centre assists with the performing graduation and work practices of students at the decent levels.

·        The training centre selects the best listeners and holds a contest for offering a job in the National Institute of Standards.

·        The training centre inquires listeners for the efficiency rating of centre’s activities and analyses the results.

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