The Standardization shall mean activities directed to the establishing provisions for general and repeated use on the existing or proposed tasks, to reach the optimal level of organization in specific area.
Standardization activities in Armenia are carried out according to the Law “On Standardization”.

The objective of standardization is to ensure:

a) the safety of production, work, service for the environment, life, health and property;
b) the technical and informational compatibility, exchangeability of the production;
c) the improvement of quality of the production, work, service;
d) uniformity of measures;
e) economy of resources;
f) in the event of emergencies, the security and reliability of the buildings and constructions;
g) removal of technical barriers to trade;
h) the essential conditions for the state defense and mobilization readiness.
Objects of standardization are products, labor (including process) and services.
Standardization is carried out according to the following principles:
- voluntary nature of standards;
- provision of consensus among stakeholders during the standard development;
- development of national standards on the base of international standards excluding the cases when it is necessary to take into account geographical, climate and basic technological characteristic;
- inadmissibility of adoption of standards that are contradict technical regulations.

Standardization normative documents in Armenia are:

- standardization rules and guides;
- standards of the Republic of Armenia;
- technical specifications;
- technical-economical and social information classifiers;
- organization standards.

The national standards are:

- standards of the Republic of Armenia (“AST” classifier);
- applied international (“AST ISO”, “AST IEC” classifiers and other), regional (“AST EN” classifier and other), interstate (“GOST” classifier) and other countries standards in the RA.
The National Institute of Standards adopts standards and represents them to the national standardization body – the Ministry of Economy – for confirmation.
The National system for standardization shall mean interrelated rules and provisions regulated by the normative documents on the organization of standardization activities and procedures thereof.
New publications of fundamental standards of National system for standardization have been adopted entering into force according to the international practice of standardization activities. Particularly, the National system for standardization corresponds to the development, adoption and implementation of standards specified by “Technical barriers to trade” agreement of WTO.

The fundamental standards of the National system for standardization are:

AST 1.0-2006 “National system for standardization. Basic provisions”
AST 1.1-2005 “National system for standardization. Terms and definitions”
AST 1.2-2008 “National system for standardization. Development of national standards”
AST 1.3-95 “National system of standardization. Procedure for developing, agreement approval and state registration of specifications”
AST 1.4-2001 “National system for standardization. Organization standards. Basic principles”
AST 1.5-2005 “National system for standardization. Standards. General requirements for structure, drafting, presentation, content and indication”
AST 1.6-2006 “National system for standardization. Adoption rules and methods for international and regional standards as national standards”
AST 1.8-93 “National system of standardization. Procedure of expertize of the drafts of national standards”
AST 1.10-99 “National system for standardization. Procedure for working out, acceptance, registration of rules and recommendations on of rules and recommendations on standardization, metrology, certification, accreditation and information about them”
AST 1.11-2002 “National system for standardization. Procedure development and application of interstate standards”
Above-mentioned standards specify the organizational-methodical rules of standardization activities, main tasks and principles, standardization objects, types of standards, also the rules of development of national standards, requirements for structure, drafting, presentation, content and indication of standards, etc.
The development of national standards is carried out by National Institute of Standards through the technical committees, and by legal and physical persons.

The documents of the national system of standartization

- AST - standards of RA

- GOST, GOST R - national standards of RA

- PR, RD, MI, PMG, RMG - guides and rules for standardization

-CRA, IC - classification of RA


International standards

- ISO– Publications of International organization for the standardization - ISO

- EN– Publications of European Committee for standardization -CEN
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