Technical Specifications is a standardization normative document, which is adopted by legal entity or by private entrepreneur and contains information on technical requirements (characteristics, norms, safety requirements), acceptance procedure, quality control methods, transportation, storage, marking and packaging requirements on specific product form, type, mark.

Technical Specifications development and implementation demand is now increased in the Republic of Armenia.

Technical Specifications is a document through which producer informs customer about product purpose, scope, characteristics, safety usage, packaging, marking, transportation and storage conditions, acceptance procedure, control and testing.

As a normative document, Technical Specifications are widely used in the agreement relations between producers and consumers. At product ordering along with product conditional designation, the designation of Technical Specifications is also indicated, which allows unambiguously identifying ordered product. In this case, the requirements of Technical Specifications become mandatory for producer, consumer, transporter and storage.

Such application form for Technical Specifications completely corresponds to the foreign practice, where Technical Specifications is a standard of firm. It is developed by producer and in consent with buyer that is the Technical Specifications become a part of agreement between producer and buyer. Technical Specifications are developed in the organizational phase of new production to respond the needs of changing market. Technical Specifications are developed for those products, for which national standards do not specify qualitative and safety requirements.

According to the Law on Standardization of RA Technical Specifications are subject to state registration. State registration is carried out at the National Institute of Standards.

Technical Specifications' development and registration procedure is regulated according to the national standards AST 1.3-95 “National system of standardization. Procedure for developing, agreement, approval and state registration of specifications” and AST 2.11-98 “Unified system for design documentation. Specifications. Rules for hay-out and wording”.

Specialists from the National Institute of Standards carry out consultative services on development of Technical Specifications for the organizations and entrepreneurs, as well as make examination of Technical Specifications that are subject to state registration.

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