The standardization and metrology related activities in Armenia started since 1920, when the first legal acts regulating the field have been adopted. In 1921, according to the decree of Soviet national committee the first entity named “Weight and measure division” has been established, which was carrying out state control over measurements and measuring devices.

The Government of Armenia Soviet Republic in 1931 established the Regional standardization board “ArmStandard”. For the first time of its being the “ArmStandard” was regulating standardization activities, maintaining standards and conducting other activities related to the metrology, e.g. calibration of measuring and testing devices.

Starting from 1971 the Armenian Republican Department was a structural unit of the Standards State Committee of the Soviet Union and carried out responsibilities for the policy design in the field of standardization and metrology. At the same time, regional branches have been established in Kirovakan, Kamo, Kapan and Abovyan towns for development of standards and inspection.

In 1976, Armenian Republican Department has been reformed to the Standardization and Metrology Center of the Soviet Republic of Armenia. At that time, standardization, metrology and quality management system were developing in parallel to the development of various branches of economy.

In 1993, after collapse of Soviet Union and proclamation of independence of the Republic of Armenia, according to the Government Decision N234 from 16.05.1993, the Standardization, certification and metrology department under the Government of Armenia has been established. The new entity comprised the Standardization and Metrology Center.

Actually, this was a start for new era of standardization activities that were aimed at transition to new market relationships in economy and adopting new national standards in compliance with the economic reforms and economic development perspectives. In particular, there was an urgent need to harmonize national standardization system to the International requirements, to ensure Armenian economy integration to International and European economic system, enabling environment for Armenia membership to WTO and removing trade barriers.

In 1998, following to the requirements of International Standardization Organization the Standardization and Metrology Center has been reformed to “Standards Institute of Armenia” state enterprise.

In 2001 by Armenia Government decision, the Standardization, Conformity assessment and Metrology system has been incorporated in the Ministry of Trade and Economic development. In 2002, by the order of the Minister of trade and economic development the National Institute of Standards and “Er-Test” certification and testing center have been reformed to the National Institute of Standards and Quality with the purpose of improving of standardization and conformity assessment activities. In 2004, the latter was renamed as “National Institute of Standards” Closed Joint Stock Company with the 100% of state shares.

During the last 10 years, the technical committees and stakeholders of the Armenian Standardization Body have developed about 950 new harmonized national standards to remove trade barriers and promote export and import of products. Some newly developed national standards are directed on stimulation of trade of nationally produced very specific products, like mineral water, salt, Armenian brandy, etc.

The Institute has developed about 120 organizational-methodical and terminology standards of national standardization system following to the requirements of international standardization practice.

The National Institute of Standards has drafted and expertise 45 technical regulations by contributing a lot to formation of technical legislation in Armenia and ensuring the health and food security for population.

The national accreditation body accredited the company as a certification body in the fields of food and non-food products, services, quality management systems (ISO 9001) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001). Recently the company has been enlargened and besides of the center in Yerevan city, it incorporates three regional branches in the Northern, Eastern and Southern regions of Armenia, with overall 8 various testing laboratories, which allows it to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in provision of conformity assessment services in Armenia.

The National Institute of Standards maintains national fund of standards of the Republic of Armenia which contains International (ISO), Interstate (GOST), Regional (EN), Armenian (AST) and other state standards. Electronic database system of adopted standards enables organizations and persons to obtain normative documents needed for their business.

International cooperation is one of the most important activities of the company. The company is a member body of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) since 1997. It participates in technical standardization activities of 13 ISO technical committees and 17 subcommittees. The company is a partner standardization body (PSB) of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) since 1 January 2007, affiliate member since 1 January 2008 and participates in standardization activities of several CEN technical committees.

The National Institute of Standards operate the Training Center with the top rated trainers-experts in Armenia, which ensure to provide with the best training services for Armenian experts and check their qualification levels in the fields of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment.

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