GOST R EN 464-2007
Title Occupational safety standards system. Protective clothing for use against liquid and gaseous chemicals, including aerosols and solid particles. Method for determination of leak-tightness of gas-tight suits
Annotation Настоящий стандарт устанавливает метод определения герметичности газонепроницаемых костюмов для защиты от жидких, газообразных химических веществ, в том числе жидких и твердых аэрозолей, имеющих конструктивные отверстия, крепления, швы, нахлесты между деталями костюма, поры и любые дефекты материалов конструкции.
Status of the normative document new
Adopted Federal agency on thnical reggulating and metrologye
Adoption Date 2007-12-25
Accepted In RA "National Institute of Standards" CJSV2004
Date Accepted In RA 2014-10-06
Date Enacted 2014-11-01
Developer of the normative document and its address
Assigned To National Institute of Standards CJSV (Yerevan) 2004
Address c. Yrevan, Komitas str. 49/4
Category EN-Europan standard
Classification 13.340.10
Protective equipment
Protective clothing
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  Reference Type Standard Exchange Date Info Source Notes
-  IDT-for identity international standards EN 464:1994 0000-00-00   N-  
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Registration Date 2014-10-06
Registrational № 2527-2014
Page Count 2
Info Source IU AST №4-2014
Date Published 0000-00-00
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Modifications No modifications made.
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