AST 2.316-2010
Title Unified system for design documentation. Rules for placing the inscriptions, technical data and tables of graphical documents. General principles
Status of the normative document instead of
Adopted "National Institute of Standards" CJSV2004
Adoption Date 0000-00-00
Accepted In RA The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia2008
Date Accepted In RA 2010-12-17
Date Enacted 2011-01-01
Developer of the normative document and its address National Institute of Standards CJSV (Yerevan) 2004
Address c. Yrevan, Komitas str. 49/4
Assigned To National Institute of Standards CJSV (Yerevan) 2004
Address c. Yrevan, Komitas str. 49/4
Category AST - national standard of RA
Classification 01.080.30
Graphical symbols
Graphical symbols for use on mechanical engineering and construction drawings, diagrams, plans, maps and in relevant technical product documentation
References "-" = Quotes
  Reference Type Standard Exchange Date Info Source Notes
-  referenced GOST 2.501-88 0000-00-00   N-  
  referenced AST 2.051-2007 0000-00-00   N-  
  referenced AST 2.052-2007 0000-00-00   N-  
  referenced AST 2.104-2007 0000-00-00   N-  
  referenced AST 2.109-2009 0000-00-00   N-  
  replaced AST 2.30-96 2011-01-01  IU AST N4-2010  
  referenced GOST 2.105-95 0000-00-00   N-  
Countries Accepted:
Registration Date 2010-12-27
Registrational № 855-2010
Page Count 12
Info Source IU AST №4-2010
Date Published 0000-00-00
Language of the original Armenian
Translated to
Modifications No modifications made.
Price in Armenian drams (AMD) (including VAT) 4800

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